Night Comes

Posted July 30, 2015 by enthemic
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Night comes. All the creatures are asleep. West of me rests the utter dark of the wilderness – no street lights to be seen – both stars and moon veiled by the clouds and the bulk of mountains. Only the rain whispers.

Further west the forrest stretches almost undisturbed by humans, one hundred kilometres to the Pacific Coast. Probably a wolf howls, though more likely shivers in the night. (“You know nothing, Jon Snow.”)

Standing there, where the waves pound against the north of North America; if we were to venture further west, we would likely not encounter a single soul across the whole of the North Pacific Ocean and the Bering sea. A daunting five thousand kilometres of silence and darkness and mythical sea beasts, to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy on the eastern shore of Russia. It might as well be the void itself.

I wonder if there is someone standing on the beach there, looking east and wondering in turn who might be looking back…


Beach too

Posted April 5, 2011 by enthemic
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there, on the bright yellow beach
with her footsteps sunk behind her staccato
scattering of shadows and sand

there, tracing her passage
up from the surf where the sea fills each step
with glimmers innumerable

there, to the crest of the dune where
stubborn grass snubs it’s stalks at the wind
and calms the chill

there, where the day seems
a little less like the east
and a little more like the west coast

not some far away hotel california with
the patchwork of dreams she had out-grown or out-tethered
or sent on ahead til they had flown on other’s hopes
recalled only in moments like
this: when the ocean hushes
softly and the sand is warm
grains between her toes


there, was where she set down the tresses of her life
from the mundane minutia of strategies and lists
to the map of the path entangled intimacy and bliss

fuck yes, there, in all it’s glory impermanent
traced in semblance each character crablike
one after the other

there, for strangers to find
the treasure hunt prize
embarked upon unrealized

and yet already, there
are eddies where
the wind unshows those oaths

there, on the beach
each breath unlimned unworthed
wiped clean and gone


Posted April 5, 2011 by enthemic
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a mouthful of whatsits
traded for tickets
nantucket island,
massachusetts or bust

more bucket than bullet
but silver nonetheless
annabee rode eagerly
in carriage to the coast


Posted February 17, 2011 by enthemic
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you came to me haphazardly,
despite the odds,
filling perfectly a kitten shaped hole in my heart.

you were my sister’s cat first;
runt of the litter;
from a private stable in the middle of the canadian prairies.

squatter than other cats,
you walked funny and breathed funny,
and on the rare occasion you meowed it sounded more like a wheeze

it never seemed to bother you,
and I treasured how you turned adversity
into a lesson on how to make the most of life and thrive

one evening you didn’t come home.
I spent days walking the neighborhood calling for you.
it’s funny how loss brings love into stark relief.

my girlfriend found you, yowling pitifully
near a friends distant house. i am forever grateful
to the web of chance and interconnectedness that reunited us

you have been my most constant companion
on this crazy journey into adult hood,
across four provinces and four times as many years.

when I was at my lowest,
with all taste for life washed from my mouth by heartbreak
and the tides of childhood trauma, you saved me.

climbing onto my chest as i lay on the floor,
cat heart beating twice as fast as mine,
cat eyes asking, “Where have you been?” insisting softly, “Do not stray.”

when you were to old to accompany me on my travels
I left you with someone who loves you as much as I do,
and visited as often as I could

and you would greet me as though no time had passed,
as constant and amiable as ever.
what a gift your company has been.

And how precious it is now.
Thank you for everything.

Posted February 11, 2011 by enthemic
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vancouver sunset
Vancouver Sunset
Oil, Canvas, Digital Media


Posted January 24, 2011 by enthemic
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mist on the mountains
rain on the roof tiles
bamboo waterspouts burble
around a walkway
around a courtyard
around a cherry tree


Posted October 26, 2010 by enthemic
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from each empty intersection the streets offer invitation

send your ghost to dance down us

footsteps hushed into the night

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